Universal Nutrition Pre-Armed: Pre workout

Product Description

Universal Nutrition Pre Armed: Pre-workout is a powerful and energetic formula that fuels the workout time with strength and the right ingredients to enhance the training performance.

  • It is a dietary supplement designed for hard training and improved endurance.
  • Contains caffeine and essential energizing vitamins that promote energy and focus
  • Can be consumed by those who want to add extra pumps to muscles and want to increase focus.
  • ¬†Do not exceed more than two scoops in 24 hours.

Product Highlights

Product Type Pre Workout
Food Type Vegetarian
Flavour Strawberry Limeade
Quantity 153 gms approx.
per scoop 5.5 gms approx.
Recommended Dose 1 scoop in 100-150 ml of water


Available Brands