Product Description

An ultra clean whey protein, Muscletech Nitrotech 100% Whey Gold, is a post workout protein nutraceutical supplement to improve strength, power and endurance for gym regulars and fitness enthusiasts.

  • Builds lean muscle mass and supports rapid recovery post workouts.
  • One scoop in 250 ml water or skimmed milk after a workout
  • Can be consumed by both men and women looking to gain muscle mass through regular exercise and gym.
  • Contains pure Whey protein, BCAA, Glutamine
  • Recovers muscles after workout without adding to fat count

Product Highlights

Product Type Whey Protein
Food Type Vegetarian
Flavour Double Rich Chocolate
Quantity 1 KG
per scoop 24 gm protein per serving
Recommended Dose Post Workout 2-3 times a day

Available Brands