Product Description

A protein blend, Muscle Tech Performance Series Nitrotech Ripped without Creatine, and a weight loss formula, it helps to build lean muscle mass and reduce weight.

  • When it comes to managing weight, you’re looking for nothing more than exactly what you need. Nitro-TechTM Ripped delivers just that in one complete, great-tasting formula.
  • With 30g of protein, the advance Nitro-Tech® Ripped combines high-quality whey protein with a precise dose of C. canephora robusta extract, L-carnitine L-tartrate, rose hip extract, and kelp. 
  • Made of the cold filtered process that helps to reduce fat and impurities without acids or salt.
  • Low in calories, fat, carbs and sugar


Product Highlights

Product Type Whey Protein
Food Type Vegetarian
Flavour Chocolate Fudge Brownie / French Vanilla Bean
Quantity 1 kg / 2 kg
per scoop 30 gms Protein
Recommended Dose One scoop in 150 ml of cold water or skimmed milk

Available Brands