Product Description

A platinum series of Muscletech, Creatine enhances performance during workout sessions. Studies show that creatine can help to support muscle power, boost strength, and help enhance performance when combined with a training program With Muscletech Platinum 100% Creatine, you can count on the high quality and scientifically studied form. Each serving provides a researched 3g dose to help you reach your goals – and then surpass them.

  • It supports muscle mass, increases strength, and reduces muscle breakdown during resistance training.
  • Can be consumed by both active men and women, athletes, powerlifters, and bodybuilders.
  • It also Enhances strength and reduces soreness after a workout.
  • Platinum 100% Creatine is unflavored and can be mixed instantly with your favorite MuscleTech™ supplements or beverages. So, drink up – get to know what success tastes like.

Product Highlights

Product Type Creatine
Food Type Vegetarian
Flavour Unflavoured
Quantity 400 & 250 Gms
per scoop 3 gms Creatine
Recommended Dose One scoop in 100-150 ml of water- 4 times a day

Available Brands